The Electric Vehicle Sales event program has officially started!
Bigger discounts and Free local EV Advising!

Fort Collins, Colo. – The successful regional Electric Vehicle Group Buy program is back!

This year there are larger discounts and now free energy advising from Northern Colorado Clean Cities. Get free, neutral advice on EVs. Schedule 15-30 minute 1×1 sessions to ask any questions you may have.

From September 3rd through September 31st or until supplies last, Colorado residents can purchase a new Nissan 2020 LEAF (S, SV, and SL), BMW 2020 X3 or BMW 2020 X5 at a significant discount! Additionally, keep your eyes out for further potential Group Buy programs in October and November!

The program, coordinated by Northern Colorado Clean Cities (NCCC) and supported by Drive Electric Northern Colorado (DENC), the City of Fort Collins and the City of

Loveland intends to expand on the success of the previous three programs, which brought electric vehicle (EV) adoption up to two to three times the national average.
Join the EV movement and make the switch to an EV through this program! NCCC has worked for years with partners across the state to deliver affordable options for driving electric and has worked to develop a comprehensive system of EV charging in our community, allowing Northern Coloradoans to never be more than six miles from a public charging station in Fort Collins or Loveland.

This offer is a pre-negotiated group buy discount, offering Coloradoans a hassle-free opportunity to drive electric and never pay for gas again while contributing to improved public health, air quality and environmental health. This Group Buy builds on the successes of previous programs to make driving electric accessible and affordable to community members. The Group Buy is also one of the action items included in the City’s 2018 Electric Vehicle Readiness Roadmap. The Electric Vehicle Group Buy program initiative is one of the action items from the Electric Vehicle Readiness Roadmap. “Incentivize consumer EV purchases – By decreasing the cost of EVs, Fort Collins can help make EVs more affordable for a larger portion of the community.” In this round of group buy pricing, consumers can purchase the following:

Nissan LEAF S, SV or SL, which have a retail price of $34,610, for as low as $16,304 (plus an additional $7,500 federal income tax credit discount for those who qualify)

BMW X3 30E, which has a retail price of $54,484, for as low as $46,684 (plus an additional $7,500 federal income tax credit discount for those who qualify)

BMW X5 45E, which has a retail price of $71,195, for as low as $65,294 (plus an additional $7,500 federal income tax credit discount for those who qualify)

Betty Dall, who was the first to purchase a LEAF in the March 2018 group buy, described the process as pressure-free and easy. “Originally I was nervous about purchasing an EV, but several of my colleagues had purchased a Nissan LEAF through the first group buy and encouraged me to pursue it. The group buy made purchasing a car very simple,” she said. “Having it all pre-negotiated made it very easy.”

Perks and Incentives

Those who purchase a LEAF through the group buy have access to unique perks. One example is the Fort Collins Nissan No Charge to Charge program, which provides customers 24 months of complimentary EV charging. The Group Buy customers also have access to ten free days of a gasoline-powered rental car for long-distance traveling, three years of roadside assistance, and the inherent benefits in owning an EV such as savings on fuel and maintenance, lower vehicle emissions, and decreased oil dependence.

Specific to this year’s group buy, customers will receive advising services from NCCC to help transition to electric. Workplaces that have an interest in adopting charging stations or an Electric vehicle pool should contact NCCC for analysis and potential rebates and incentives.

To learn more about the 2020 Group Buy and where to purchase the vehicles, visit NCCCs webpage.

This year’s group buy ends on September 31st, so those interested in making the switch to an EV with this cost-saving opportunity, should act quickly.