Choosing a Compassionate In-Home Senior Care Company

Oct 26, 2020 | Member News

The coronavirus pandemic isn’t going away any time soon, and, due to its repercussions, we need to prepare for the long-term effects. This means that we need to start coming up with long-term solutions in our homes.

If you used companies in your home in the past, it might be time to start accepting them back in for specific reasons. We might be able to handle cleaning on our own until vaccines are readily available, but other services aren’t so easy to replace. For example, home health care and in-home non-medical care are essential services that can hurt you or your loved ones if you choose to give them up.

Companies that Care
Just like how people respond differently to the coronavirus, some companies care more about COVID-19 than others. When choosing a company, go with a company that wants to prevent the spread of COVID-19, protect your family, and provide safety for their own staff as well.

At Senior Helpers of Northern Colorado, we show that we care through our actions. Our caregivers are required to wear masks for the entirety of their shifts with clients while washing their hands and sanitizing often. Additionally, we monitor all of our caregivers closely for symptoms. If any caregivers show warning signs of COVID-19, we immediately send them for testing and pull them from shifts. Our training for each and every caregiver also gives them the knowledge to succeed, as all of our caregivers have been trained in infectious disease control.

Compassion Over Liability
Choosing a company based on compassion over liability is another big game-changer during the pandemic. To tell the truth, making this decision might be harder than it seems. You may want to consider, does this company really care about my family’s needs or are they just following guidelines to meet certain standards?
When choosing a company for compassion, transparency is key. The owners and employees should be telling you the same message with pride. If you ever feel like the company isn’t being honest and transparent, double-check them by speaking to a manager or an owner.

Additionally, you’ll want to know that your company stands for what they say they do. To do some digging, read reviews, and learn about what each company does in the community.

At Senior Helpers, we pride ourselves on giving back to our community in many different ways. We give to the Alzheimer’s Association and Dementia Together to support aging adults. We also help FoCo Cafe to help the community-at-large.

Senior Helpers of Northern Colorado
If you need in-home non-medical care, consider a company that cares with Senior Helpers of Northern Colorado. Give us a call today at (970) 658-8228 or email us to learn more.