Child Care Task Force Releases Recommendations Addressing Affordable Child Care in Larimer County

Jul 23, 2019 | Chamber News

Engagement from business, community and early childhood leaders is key

The Talent 2.0 Child Care Task Force (Task Force) is now combining forces with Larimer County to address the lack of affordable child care, which has been deemed a challenge employers face when attracting and retaining workers. This collaboration comes after the Task Force released seven recommendations and more in the report “Recommendations to Address the Need for Additional Affordable Child Care in Larimer County.”

Along with lack of affordable child care, the Talent 2.0 Regional Workforce Strategy (2017) also identified housing attainability and the cost of transportation as additional challenges employers face. The Talent 2.0 Child Care Task Force was formed in June 2018 to develop strategies that address the child care issue, identify changes to the current system and address the issue of child care gaps.

“This group of dedicated volunteers worked over a period of just six months to develop an extensive number of recommendations and strategies that can change the landscape of child care in Larimer County,” stated Mary Atchison, consultant at Yellow Wagon Leadership and facilitator of the Talent 2.0 Child Care Task Force. “These strategies, when implemented, will help businesses and families be more successful. They will also support the developmental needs of our children.”


  1. Establish a Larimer County Child Care Work Group, including strategic stakeholders from across the community, to continue the work of the Talent 2.0 Child Care Task Force and to implement the recommended strategies.
  2. Recruit and retain a highly trained and qualified early care and education (ECE) workforce that is paid a competitive wage.
  3. Educate and engage employers around the impact of child care on the workforce.
  4. Collect and analyze updated data about the impact of child care on employment and families.
  5. Conduct a public education campaign incorporating the results of data collection.
  6. Broaden and develop new and diverse funding streams for all aspects of early care and education, including public, private and philanthropic resources.
  7. As part of a comprehensive child care solution for children ages 0 – 5, continue to explore options to institute universal preschool across Larimer County utilizing existing providers and space to accommodate all 3 and 4-year-old students.

See the full report HERE

“This report was produced by a team of leaders within child care, government, education, and the business industry. The child care issue in Northern Colorado directly effects our economy and job growth,” said Eric Lea, Vice President / Branch Manager with Robert Half and serves on the Talent 2.0 Child Care Task Force. “We came away with some ideas that we need to continue to tackle (in order) to move the needle. I was honored to be a part of this working group and know if we bring the right people to the table we can show progress.”

Now that the report has been accepted by the Talent 2.0 Steering Committee, the Child Care Task Force will work with Larimer County noting the county’s Strategic Plan – Goal #2, Objective #3, aligns with the strategies of the Task Force and the dedicated resources it can provide to help move the effort forward.

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