Chambers Preview 2012 Legislative Session

Jan 3, 2012 | Economy, Government & Policy

A divided state government (Democrats control the Senate and governorship, Republicans have a one-seat majority in the House), an election year, bitter feelings over the recent legislative redistricting, and a need for more budget cuts are the ingredients for an “interesting” session of the Colorado General Assembly, which kicks off next week.

Among others, some of the topics that will likely be addressed during the Session include these:

  • State budget. Cuts will need to be made to balance the budget. The rub comes, of course, in the differing philosophies to do that. Republicans want to keep the $98.6 million “homestead exemption” in place for senior citizens while tightening up Medicaid eligibility requirements. Democrats say increased Medicaid spending is required and the state can’t afford the property tax break for seniors.
  • Restricting enterprise zones. The Denver Post did an expose about a tax break program for businesses known as enterprise zones. There likely will be discussions in the Legislature about how to modify the program.
  • Civil unions. Public sentiment continues to shift toward allowing civil unions for gay couples, so the issue will likely be discussed and may again make its way to the ballot.
  • Foreclosures. Consumer advocates will press for tightening of foreclosure requirements.
  • Workers compensation. Leaders of Pinnacol Assurance are trying to become independent of state government as a provider for workers compensation coverage for business. Business organizations pay into the fund, so they are concerned about the program and are monitoring it closely.
  • Green energy“. There will be some legislation introduced to promote the development of renewable energy.

You can learn more about issues that will impact your business by attending the 2012 Legislative Preview Breakfast this Thursday, January 5th at 7:30 AM, which will feature discussions on issues of highest priority to the business community in Northern Colorado.

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