Chamber Supports On-Campus Stadium

Jun 3, 2014 | Regional Focus

I wanted to let you know before it became public that the board of directors has voted to endorse the construction of a new stadium on the main campus of Colorado State University.

This issue has been under discussion for the past 2 1/2 years, and, to say the least, it has been controversial. That’s to be expected. People care deeply about CSU and Fort Collins and want the best for both. There’s plenty of room for disagreement about whether a stadium benefits one or the other, both or neither. It’s an issue made for smart and well-informed people to reach different conclusions.

We listened carefully to the arguments on both sides of the issue. This is a big and complex project with many details. We elected to use a simple filter of three questions.

First, is the on-campus stadium good for the local economy? Our conclusion is that the economy will benefit during the construction phase and from the ongoing operation of the stadium, a more competitive university and redevelopment ignited near the new facility.

Second, is the on-campus stadium good for the overall quality of life and well-being of the community? Our conclusion is that the community quality of life will benefit from having a major readily accessible multi-purpose facility near the core of the city.

Third, whose decision is this to make and have they been sensitive to the wider impacts of siting a stadium in the core of the community? The final decision rests with CSU leaders not the community. Even so, we appreciate the parameters placed around the project at the outset and the engagement of the university with the general public, the campus community, surrounding neighborhoods and the City of Fort Collins.

You can find a fuller statement here. You can reach me at 970 482-3751 x 102 and at [email protected].