Chamber City Council Endorsements

Mar 21, 2017 | Uncategorized

A longstanding practice at the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce is to interview and endorse candidates for local public office. And, so it is again this spring relative to the Fort Collins City Council.

Before commenting on our endorsements, let me remind you of why we do this.

City or town government has a big presence in most communities. That’s not surprising in that citizens work through their local governments to provide important and essential services like police and fire protection and streets.

Fort Collins far exceeds the basic services of most places by owning its utilities and providing a full range of environmental programs. And the City’s development review process is legendary in its demands and how much time it takes to get something done.

Consequently, our local government has an outsized impact on residents and businesses. That means that the people making key policy decisions – 7 people on the City Council – matter a lot in our city of 165,000.

It is only appropriate that the Chamber pay close attention to the quality and agendas of people wanting to wield so much power over business and the community’s economic vitality.

The election is an all-mail-in-ballot election. There are no traditional polling places; just places to drop off the ballot you received in the mail. Most Fort Collins residents who are registered to vote received their ballots in the mail yesterday. They are due back to the City Clerk in City Hall by 7:00 P.M. on Tuesday April 4. You can mail the ballot, of course, but it must be in (not just postmarked) by the time and date noted above. You can also drop off your ballot at one of these locations.

Four of the seven seats are up for election. They include mayor and Districts 1, 3 and 5.

Mayor. The Chamber endorses incumbent Wade Troxell for re-election as mayor. He has served the community well as mayor for the past 2 years and as a council member for 8 years before that. He is smart, accessible, and knowledgeable and represents the community well.

District 1. The Chamber endorses challenger Nate Budd. District 1 is the northeast part of Fort Collins. Budd brings a new, refreshing look at issues that is backed up with a strong record of community participation. He is taking on a challenger who says little, provides little leadership on the council or in the community and has reflexively voted against water development projects and job creation projects like Woodward’s new corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility.

District 3. The Chamber endorses Ken Summers. District 3 is in the southeast corner of Fort Collins. This seat is the key to retaining a fairly balanced council. Summers was a high school business teacher, and he served as a pastor for 28 years before being elected to the Colorado House.

District 5. No recommendation.

Go here for more information on all of the candidates.