Chamber backs Troxell, Budd and Summers

Apr 4, 2017 | Uncategorized

Election Day is this Tuesday. By now many of you have already turned in your ballots for the Fort Collins City Council races.

If you haven’t, you’ll need to drop yours off at one of that ballot collection centers before 7 p.m. Tuesday. It’s too late to mail it. The drop-off locations are available on the City Clerk’s election website.

The Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce does endorse candidates, people who we feel will bring integrity to the role of council member and focus on the economic vitality of the community.

Over the years the community has had council members who argued that we just need to take care of the public quality of life amenities and the “economy thing” will take care of itself. We gently counter with the point that we need a strong economy to be able to afford the public amenities.

So, that point of view is a key factor in our consideration of who we support for mayor and city council.

Before sharing our endorsements, let me start with a big thank you to each of the candidates. Ten people have put their names up for office: four for mayor and two for each of the three district council seats up for election this year. It’s hard work being a candidate.

For mayor, the chamber endorses incumbent Wade Troxell. He represents the community well. He’s bright, articulate and knowledgeable, and his love of community is unmatched.

On the issues, he is thoughtful and has brought a balanced perspective. When it comes to the issue of good-paying jobs for residents, few people have given this more attention and thought than Troxell.

Our District 1 pick is Nate Budd. He’s a smart, thoughtful and proactive leader who we believe will focus on issues like underemployment and affordable housing. That stands in stark contrast to his opponent, incumbent Bob Overbeck, who has a record of voting against primary jobs and for increasing costs and burdens on business.

In District 3, we’re endorsing Ken Summers. He’s an experienced legislator and would work well with the other members of council. Of all 10 candidates running, he has the best grasp of what it takes to maintain a positive business climate — moderate taxes and fees and a light-handed regulatory environment.

In contrast, his opponent, Gordon Coombes, fully embraces the city’s $300 million to $600 million climate action plan without explaining what it will do and who will pay for it. Additionally, Coombes was fired by the Larimer County Sheriff for a series of departmental policy violations, which is troubling.

We did not endorse a candidate in District 5.

The community is facing issues that will shape the future for decades — transportation, housing affordability, costly regulations and utility rates, broadband and job creation.

We believe the best people to tackle them are Wade Troxell, Nate Budd and Ken Summers.
Originally posted Sunday, March 31, 2017 in the Fort Collins Coloradoan