Celebrating 10 Years of Financial Planning Fort Collins

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Celebrating 10 Years of Financial Planning Fort Collins

FORT COLLINS, COLO — Happy 10th birthday, Financial Planning Fort Collins!

Did you know that our firm’s name actually came from the name of a blog? From its humble beginnings, it evolved into the way that we proudly serve you today.

At FPFoCo’s helm the entire time, it all began with Founder Jason Speciner’s vision for doing what he loves in the city he calls home.

“In the early days of Financial Planning Fort Collins, I really just wanted to share more about personal finance and my take on how to build on financial success,” Jason Speciner, CFP®, EA, director of tax and investment planning and founder of Financial Planning Fort Collins said. “I am so proud of what FPFoCo has become and what it will continue to grow into.”

Although there was a temporary content hiatus a few years ago, we’ve certainly stayed true to the spirit of Jason’s original blog by educating website visitors and loyal subscribers alike. Over four years ago, when Jason hired Regina Neenan in a marketing capacity, the blog began to see weekly updates.

“Ghostwriting the posts with Jason’s oversight when I started at FPFoCo allowed me to discover my own fondness for personal finance,” Regina Neenan, CFP®, director of cash-flow and insurance planning said. “From there, I began my formal financial planning education and am thrilled to be serving our clients in a very different capacity today!”

Just like our ensemble approach to client service, our team of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals shares in writing the posts you see on the firm’s blog page. Like Jason’s early blogging on Financial Planning Fort Collins, Dan Andrews brought a library of his own articles to FPFoCo when he joined the team in 2020, many of which we’ve included on the blog page.

“Trying to find answers online can be difficult — especially when it comes to financial advice. The ‘Google rabbit holes’ can take you down some random paths where you end up more confused and unsure than before. We’ve all been there. This FPFoCo blog alleviates the need to go down those ‘rabbit holes,’” Dan Andrews, CFP®, director of estate and financial planning and partner at Financial Planning Fort Collins said. “It’s nice to point people to our own library of articles. Our writing styles aim to inform and empower — rather than confuse with jargon and technical wonkiness. By focusing on high-level education in our blog, we know people will leave more confident about the financial topic.“

And while we moved to bringing you new content biweekly earlier this year, we’re still committed to that original goal: Sharing financial planning know-how with folks here in Fort Collins — and around the world!

We’re planning to post one of the original blogs later this year — updated for the current decade, of course. Cheers to another 10 years of Financial Planning Fort Collins!

You can learn more about Financial Planning Fort Collins at www.financialplanningfortcollins.com.

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