“Whatever you are be a good one” ~ Abraham Lincoln

  • Would you ask your uncle who just got an electric toothbrush to give you your next dental exam?
  • Or your neighbor who just gave herself a home perm to give you one before a big job interview?
  • Or how about your niece who just got a good grade in her high school math class to do your taxes?

I didn’t think so. . . So why then would you ask someone who likes going to the mountains to take pictures with his new camera, to create beautiful portraits for your child who is getting ready to graduate from high school? What value do you place on a rite of passage for your soon to be adult child? We teach our children to work hard and do their best. Doesn’t it stand to reason that we would choose a professional who is able to bring out the best in a photograph to celebrate the passing of an era.

Professional portrait photographers know how to connect with our subjects. We are passionate about people, getting to know them and getting photographs that are meant to last, meant to be displayed on the walls in your home and meant to be enjoyed for many future generations.

There is a time and a place for selfies, fun photos with your phone – but throughout our lives there are moments that deserve to be celebrated. For those times choose a professional portrait photographer who has mastered their craft, is able to connect and evoke the spirit of the moment and create a beautiful gift that will last for generations. A professional is well worth the investment – and like any investment, the value will grow as time passes.