Candidates Forum: Who Will Be Running Fort Collins?

City elections have consequences for all of us, including business. Especially for business. Good intentioned as they may be, many of the people who run for public office have no experience with the private sector, which can lead to job-killing policies. So, with city elections underway in Fort Collins, it’s time to tune in.

One good way to do that is by attending a Candidates’ Forum this Friday March 1, 7:30 – 9:30 AM at the Marriott. It will be one of the community’s first opportunities to see the 10 candidates. The final slate includes:

·     Mayor – Karen Weitkunat (incumbent), Eric Sutherland

·     District 1 (northeast Fort Collins) – M.L. Johnson, Bob Overbeck, Bryan Payne and Butch Stockover

·     District 3 (southeast) – Lynda Blake, Gino Campana

·     District 5 (west central) – Ross Cunniff, Patrick Edwards

In addition to hearing the candidates, the Chamber will share the results of its recent public opinion poll.

Plan to join us on Friday morning. The event is FREE. Space is limited, so make a reservation by calling (970) 482-3746.