Business Has Big Stake in City Elections

Feb 12, 2013 | Economy, Government & Policy

April 2 is Election Day in Fort Collins. Registered Fort Collins voters will be deciding on four of the seven seats on the City Council.

The election is important for many reasons but not the least being the local economy. City Hall can do some things to help foster private sector job creation but more than anything it can kill jobs through its policies, high fees and taxes and a negative attitude towards business. 

The Chamber will be active in several ways:

  • Chamber leaders have offered to brief all of the candidates on the local economy. Most have taken up the offer. 
  • The Chamber and other business groups will hold a candidates forum on March 1. While interested in a broad range of issues, we particularly want to learn the positions of the candidates relative to business and the local economy. You can find information about the candidates’ forum here.
  • The Chamber will endorse candidates, communicate those endorsements to the members and explain how they can support the candidates.

To learn more about the Chamber’s government and political affairs programs go here.