Bob Everitt, Rest in Peace

Feb 16, 2016 | Uncategorized

Robert S. Everitt, founder of the Everitt Companies, died this past weekend at age 87. With Bob’s death Fort Collins lost one of its leading citizens and benefactors. He was a wonderful man and had a huge impact on the community over decades, and his influence will continue for many years to come.

Bob was always a joy to be around. He had a youthful, energetic, optimistic, and generous nature that seemed to defy age, and he retained a sense of gratitude and humility. For example, CSU honored Bob and Joyce in 2015. Written comments by many people, including me, were included in the printed recognition material praising and thanking them for all they have done. Soon after a handwritten note comes in from Bob thanking me for thanking him! Classic Bob. He was a gracious and thoughtful that way.

Civic involvement was second nature to him, and he’s a great role model in that regard. In 1957, at age 28, he was the chair (then called president) of the Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce. He understood that good communities are made by the people in them, including businesspeople. That ethos is embedded in the Fort Collins business community, and, in part, Bob deserves credit for it. The ‘Fort Collins way’ is to do good by doing well for others, then returning the favor by giving back to the community but without fanfare. His lumberyard and development projects literally helped shape physical Fort Collins. As his success grew, he and his family supported dozens of organizations and causes.

He will be missed, and I’m sure I share the sentiment of hundreds of other people when I say that I’m grateful to have known Bob Everitt.

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A memorial service will be held for Bob Everitt at 2 p.m., Feb. 23 at the Lory Student Center’s grand ballroom at CSU.

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