BKD Cyber Launches New Virtual CIO Advisor Services

Apr 20, 2020 | Member News

NATIONAL OFFICE – BKD Cyber has a new service to help financial institutions take advantage of today’s fast-paced environment of technological change without needing to hire a full-time senior IT executive.

BKD Cyber’s Virtual Chief Information Officer Advisor Services (BKD vCIO) help organizations offset the full cost of hiring a full-time CIO by leveraging BKD vCIO years of experience operating in diverse IT environments, technical background and familiarity with a broad range of IT core platforms and technologies.

Key services offered include IT strategic planning, IT operational oversight, IT steering committee participation, disaster recovery planning and testing and exam and IT testing preparation. Services are paid on a subscription basis, helping to justify the cost and calculate a return on investment.

“Financial institutions are already under immense regulatory pressure to keep in compliance with changes to technology. Understanding that pressure and wanting to offer a solution that is affordable and has a demonstrable return on investment, we determined BKD vCIO could help bridge the gap between budget constraints and regulatory requirements,” said Cindy Boyle, a BKD Cyber partner.

BKD Cyber aims to make finding and implementing innovative solutions easy. To learn more, visit bkdcyber.com.


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