FORT COLLINS, Colo. (Jan. 4, 2018) – Throughout the month of January, Big Al’s Burgers and Dogs, located at 140 W. Mountain Ave. in Fort Collins, will be collecting donations for ChildSafe, a local nonprofit that provides therapy for children who are victims of sexual abuse. To donate, customers can place loose change in the restaurant’s “Big Change Jar.”

Since Big Al’s Burgers and Dogs opened in June 2010, they have donated nearly $100,000 to local charities through their change jar. Each month, employees decide on an organization to be the recipient of all change jar proceeds.

The amount collected will benefit ChildSafe’s mission of repairing the damage caused by sexual abuse, reducing the risk of re-victimization and preventing the cycle of abuse from carrying over into future generations. ChildSafe provides comprehensive, community-based services to victims and non-offending family members.

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