Ballot Issue # 2 = Good Streets Fort Collins

Mar 1, 2015 | Uncategorized

Since we recycle here at the Chamber, I’m also going to recycle one of my blog posts! In late January I wrote about the wisdom of renewing the ¼ cent tax that is used to maintain Fort Collins streets. You can find it here.

The short version is that about 30 years ago Fort Collins residents decided to start taking care of their streets with a dedicated tax. The happy result is that we have good streets AND have saved a ton of money because they have been repaired before they had to be completely rebuilt.

This weekend Fort Collins registered voters will be getting their mail-in ballots in the mail. Ballot Issue No. 2 calls for the renewal of the ¼ cent tax for 10 years. The Chamber is behind this measure and encourage you to support it. You’ll basically be spending 25cents on a $100 purchase. Over 10 years that will add up to around $70M to keep streets in good shape.

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