Awan’s New Mobile App for a Better Customer Experience

Jan 1, 1970 | Uncategorized

The digital era has given us smartphones, and the applications that run on them have made our life much more convenient. Given this recently one of the leading gas agencies in the Sultanate of Oman, AWAN gas launched the updated version of their app. The main aim of the app is to let their customers know how simple and hassle-free their booking system is. Speed, reliability, and convenience are the three pillars of Awan gas agency and they have incorporated this into their app. Now customers can download this app on their smartphones and easily book their gas cylinders from the comfort of their house. Due to the ongoing pandemic when we are required to stay home as much as possible, this app comes as a blessing for Awan’s strong customer base.

Direct interaction: They can directly interact with the company and resolve their issues in less time
Preferred language: They can now choose their preferred language from the list given in the mobile app. With the preferred language, it will be easier for them to follow the instructions correctly.
Precise address: They can give their address where they want to get their gas cylinder delivered more precisely with the help of an inbuilt map. Along with this, you can put additional details for future deliveries.
Preferred date and time: They can also give their preferred date and time of delivery so that they don’t miss it, in case they are not at home.
Preferred mode of payment: They can now pay with preferred payment mode from multiple modes of payments available and choose the one that is convenient for them.

Awan gas has a team of dedicated and dynamic youth who have always given utmost importance to their motto of fast, convenient, and reliable delivery service to their customers. AWAN gas agency has the best infrastructure to provide reliable gas delivery to their customers right at their doorstep. Order for both domestic and commercial gas cylinders through Awan’s mobile app for hassle-free gas delivery.