Avelo Airlines Notifies Northern Colorado Regional Airport About Upcoming Service Suspension

Jun 6, 2022 | Member News

The Northern Colorado Regional Airport (FNL) was notified today that Avelo Airlines will suspend commercial flights to/from Las Vegas on Thursday, June 16 and to/from
Burbank, California on Friday, June 24.

Avelo has noted that this suspension comes as fuel and supply costs continue to rise. Local customers with flights booked past these dates can obtain refunds directly from Avelo Airlines at aveloair.com, by calling the customer support line at (346) 616-9500, or by email at [email protected].

“While we recognize that airlines must make difficult choices, this news is disappointing to us and we know that it is also disappointing to those who choose to fly FNL. Flights from FNL to Burbank and Las Vegas continue to be very popular, proving that local passengers desire commercial air service from our location,” said FNL Airport Director Jason Licon.

Licon continued, “While this news is unfortunate, it doesn’t change our airport’s commitment to making travel more accessible through investment and innovation. We recognize that northern Colorado travelers are looking for convenience and value and want the public to know that we will continue to seek this from other potential service providers. We remain dedicated to our partnership with United Airlines and Landline with their innovative wingless flight services, and bringing other accessible commercial air services to the residents of our region and beyond.”

“It is unfortunate that rising fuel costs and a tight economy have impacted Avelo and other airlines across the U.S., making it hard for them to be competitive and provide the same level of service to passengers. The airport remains focused on the investment for facility enhancements such as the new terminal and the remote tower, that will be used to support current commercial airline service as well as recruiting new carriers. These investments are necessary to ensure that FNL continues to serve as an economic engine benefitting the region,” said Airport Commission Chair Don Overcash.

FNL’s Commitment to Innovation

Over the past two years, the airport has focused on innovative practices and new consumer flight
options to drive growth and accommodate regional travel demands.

  • Remote Tower: The airport is one of only two in the United States to deploy a Remote Tower for air traffic control. The remote tower provides air traffic controllers the ability to safely perform their critical function by using multiple camera arrays and technology instead of a unique and costly facility. The scalable option can expand as the airport grows and has recently achieved a successful first phase of operational testing (the first step for certification) with the Federal Aviation Association.
  • New, larger terminal: A new, larger terminal building is slated for completion in 2024. The building will offer several improvements to the travel experience, including more concession and retail opportunities, convenient baggage claim areas, improved check-in facilities, better ADA accessibility, charging stations for electronic devices, and more.

About the Northern Colorado Regional Airport (FNL)

The Northern Colorado Regional Airport (FNL) serves as the premier destination for aviation centered business, research, development, education and training. The airport is conveniently located adjacent to Interstate 25 and US Highway 34 at 4825 Earhart Road, Loveland, CO 80538. flyfnl.com