At the Table or On the Menu

The origin of the saying ‘You’re either at the table or you’re on the menu’ is unknown to me, but it is frequently used when talking about business and its relationship with government.

In a way it’s equal parts sad, cynical, and realistic. It’s sad that sometimes government and non-business community activists see businesspeople as an easy mark to pay for their agendas or assume responsibility for non-business oriented social issues. It’s cynical for people to think that way. But, it’s realistic to understand that’s how things work and do something about it.

One way to be ‘at the table’ is by showing up to meetings and events with public officials and letting them know how their policies are or will impact your business.

A great opportunity is coming up on November 19 with the Regional Issues Summit. Governor Polis will be the keynote speaker. Additionally, there will be conversation about major proposed health care legislation during the upcoming Legislative session.

A panel on climate, air quality, and energy is sure to heat up the room. Legislation this year dramatically impacted the energy industry in Northern Colorado. And, you can anticipate attempts during the upcoming session to dramatically impose laws and regulations on businesses relative to climate change.

The third big topic is transportation. Big progress has been made to finally widen North I-25. There are agendas afoot, however, that could derail that.

Don’t be one of the dined upon. Come be at the table. Plan to join us during the morning of Tuesday, November 19 for the Regional Issues Summit at the Embassy Suites in Loveland. Click here for more information about the agenda and to register.