April is Earth Month at Panhandler’s Pizza: Fort Collins Pizza Icon Launching Plant-Based Sausage, Other Earth Friendly Options in Addition to Classic Favorites

Apr 22, 2021 | Member News

Panhandler’s Pizza, the iconic Fort Collins pizzeria, is launching their Earth Month menu this April. After 46 years in business, Panhandler’s is known by customers across Colorado for its signature deep-dish style pizza – inspired by a unique blend of Chicago, Detroit, and Sicilian influences – and its delicious, pastry-like dough and secret sauce. With an expanded commitment to sustainability and new plant-based menu options, customers have yet another reason to
come to Panhandler’s Pizza.

Adding Delicious Plant-Based Toppings
Panhandler’s Pizza is committed to delivering exceptional flavor, which is why it has chosen Beyond Hot Italian Sausage® for its new permanent specialty pizza, The Planthandler Pizza. Beyond Sausage® is designed to “look, sizzle, and satisfy like pork,” according to Beyond Meat®. The Beyond Sausage® includes 16g of plant protein
– more protein than a traditional pork sausage – and 38% less saturated fat than leading sausage brands. Beyond Meat® has a mission for sustainability, and its products significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, water use, land use, and energy use compared to traditional animal products.

Two limited-time-only specialty pizzas will also be available during Earth Month: the Mex-Tex – topped with savory quinoa taco crumbles – and the Veg Out, with a mix of fresh spring vegetables. Customers can pair their Earth Month pizzas with a selection of locally sourced microbrew beers, such as New Belgium’s Fat Tire – the first certified
carbon neutral beer in the U.S. Sustainable Sourcing & Practices Panhandler’s Pizza aims to make its supply chain as sustainable as possible while preserving the authentic Panhandler’s experience and taste. Grande Cheese Company,
the source of the Company’s 100% whole-milk Wisconsin cheese for years, produces renewable energy from farm waste and is dedicated to reducing water and land use as part of its environmental stewardship. Grande works with a select group of dedicated Panhandler’s Pizza milk producers who share their commitment to sustainable farming and milk production practices and cow comfort.

Panhandler’s uses certified sustainable forestry pizza boxes and compostable to-go slice boxes. To conserve single-use plastics, extra supplies such as covers for cups and straws are only available by request. The Company uses environmentally friendly cleaners whenever possible, such as the Simple Green® All-Purpose Cleaner.

Coming soon, customers can buy their Earth Month exclusive Panhandler’s Pizza t-shirts: Save the Earth – it’s the only planet with Panhandler’s Pizza!

About Panhandler’s Pizza
Founded in 1975, Panhandler’s Pizza is the longest-standing pizza restaurant in Fort Collins, Colorado. A hub for family outings, community events, and student pit-stops, its unique take on deep-dish style pizza is a staple for fans across Colorado and throughout the United States with their nationwide delivery. Panhandler’s nearly closed in 2017 when the original location was set for replacement with student housing and its owner was retiring. However, former manager Louann DeCoursey stepped up to acquire the business, relocate it to mid-town Fort Collins, and continue the Panhandler’s legacy. Since its reopening in 2018, Panhandler’s has embraced innovations such as delivery apps, pop-up events, outdoor concerts, nationwide shipping with Goldbelly, and a commitment to sustainability. Panhandler’s Pizza has now been enjoyed in almost every state and is launching a growth plan to create more Pan’s Fans along the
Colorado Front Range and beyond. For more information, please visit www.panhandlerspizza.com