Amazing New Nonprofit in Larmier County – Upcoming Events and Exciting News

Mar 5, 2019 | Member News

Did you know?
Fort Collins, CO March 1, 2019 – Have you heard of Project Mental Health Freedom yet? Do you know what they are here to do in our beautiful community of Northern Colorado? My guess is you have not and are not aware of what they are here to do.

Founder and Executive Director – Terri Lee Bolles – is finally making her dream come true here in NoCo. Terri Lee lives here in Fort Collins and saw a huge opportunity to help her community and started making it happen in Sept. 2018; and hasn’t stopped since. Struggling with mental health issues her entire adult life; she realized how many people can’t afford the mental health care support and treatments they need and deserve. Residents within Larimer County are having to decide whether they get the mental health care they need or not, this is due to not being able to afford the out-of-pocket costs. Mental illness needs treatment and maintenance life long, like heart disease and diabetes, it shouldn’t have to be a decision to make whether care can be afforded or not.

Project Mental Health Freedom (PMHF) is a 501c3 nonprofit in Larimer County. We are here to bridge the gap for mental health care by assisting our residents with the out-of-pocket costs for their mental health treatments & maintenance. There are so many people who cannot afford the mental health support and treatments they so desperately need and deserve. Residents (or therapist) can contact us if financial assistance is needed for the treatment & maintenance of mental illnesses. Our goal is to make sure there aren’t financial reasons stopping people from getting the mental care they need.

Upcoming Event
PMHF is raising money to assist our community with financial assistance with out-of-pocket costs for their mental health care needs. You can learn more about Project Mental Health Freedom on our website. You can join us at the PMHF Mental Health Awareness 5K at 9 AM on Saturday May 18th, 2019. Tickets are on Evenbrite and the event is on our Facebook Page @pmhfreedom. PMHF donates 85% of all registrations and donations to our residents in need. This will be an exciting event with our community and friends; helping out with a very worthy cause. We look forward to seeing you and helping end this fight for so many. Join our mailing list by texting PMHF to 22828!