All Organic Retail Juicery Opens in Fort Collins

Aug 18, 2015 | Member News

The Garden Juicery is bringing all organic, cold-pressed juices and raw living foods to the Fort Collins market in the first retail space in Fort Collins dedicated to this cause. According to Barry Lewis, General Manager, “Fort Collins is all about healthy living and is ready to join the larger cities around the country already retailing organic, cold-pressed juices to address this new premium drink trend.”

The Garden Juicery has developed a set of juice and food offerings that not only nourish the body, but also taste great. Their on-staff nutritionist, Allie Wright, developed a broad range of vegetable and fruit juice blends, lemonades, nut milks and superfood smoothies so that everyone can find something they’ll love to add to their diet. Their raw food chef, Michelle Cerise, is also creating a range of raw salads, snacks and desserts and will continue to enhance the menu with additional and seasonal offerings. Everything in the store is raw and organic and will help nourish and cleanse the body. Complete Cleanse Programs are in the works, as well, for those ready to take juicing to the next level.

Nutritional education is an important aspect of The Garden Juicery’s business, too. Cold-pressed juices, cleanses and raw living foods are new to many people, so there is a focus on helping guests learn more about plant-based nutrition. The whole team is ready and eager to share what they’ve learned with everyone who comes in.

The Garden Juicery is located in Scotch Pines Village at Drake & Lemay in Fort Collins. The complete menu is available on the company website:


About The Garden Juicery

The Garden Juicery is the first retail cold-pressed juice and living food spot in Fort Collins, CO. We proudly provide great tasting raw, plant-based eats and drinks to the local community. The Garden Juicery’s goal is to provide living nourishment of the highest nutritional integrity for inspired health and healing.