Pago mínimo local – Septiembre 2022

$19 por hora. Tu negocio está listo para absorber este nuevo costo?

En la Sesión de Trabajo más reciente el día 6 de septiembre, el Consejo de la Ciudad de Fort Collins una vez más considero una propuesta ordenanza para establecer el pago mínimo local. Un voto de orden está programado para primera lectura el 15 de noviembre seguida por una segunda lectura el 6 de diciembre. Al ser aprobada, los empleadores serán requeridos de implementar el nuevo sueldo estándar a partir del 1ro de e...

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Una manera efectiva de hacer escuchar tu voz en problemas como miembro de la comunidad es contactando a los miembros de consejo de la ciudad. Esto en muy fácil en Fort Collins. Hay por lo menos cuatro maneras de contactar directamente a un miembro del consejo de la ciudad:

Correo electrónico
En persona con un comentario público en las juntas de consejo de la ciudad
En persona conversando en las sesiones con un miembro del consejo de la ciudad


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Colorado Statewide Ballot Issues – November 8, 2022

The November ballot will include 11 issues that have been cleared by the Office of the Secretary of State.  Of that total, three propose changes to the Colorado Constitution which require a 55% approval rate to become law (denoted as “Amendment”).  The balance of items propose changes to state statute which require a simple majority.  Six items have been placed on the ballot via citizen-initiative and five have been referred by the Colorado Legislature.

Through the Northern Colorado Le...

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History of the Fort Collins Downtown Development Authority

By: Matt Robenalt, Executive Director, Fort Collins Downtown Development Authority

In 2021, the Fort Collins Downtown Development Authority, also known as the DDA, quietly ushered in its 40th anniversary in service to a mission to build public-private investment partnerships that foster the economic, cultural, and social growth of the Fort Collins central business district. The DDA, a quasi-public agency enabled by state statute, applies its partnership focus to a 750-acre area consisting of ...

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Local Minimum Wage (September 2022 Update)

$19 per hour. Is your business ready to absorb this new cost driver?

At their most recent Work Session on September 6, 2022, the Fort Collins City Council once again considered a proposed ordinance to establish a local minimum wage.  A vote on the ordinance is scheduled for first reading on November 15 followed by a second reading on December 6.  If passed, local employers will be required to implement the new wage standard effective January 1, 2023.

Four of the six councilmembers presen...

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How to Share your Voice

A very effective way to share your voice on issues as a community member is to contact city council members.  It is actually very easy to do in Fort Collins.  There are at-least four ways to directly contact a city council member:

In-person public comment at every other city council meeting
In-person conversation at city council member listening sessions

Council Member

Jeni Arndt (At Large - Mayor)
Cell: 970-413-3146


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2023/24 Fort Collins City Budget

The Fort Collins City Manager’s proposed budget for 2023-24 was published on September 2, 2022 kicking-off two months of public engagement and council discussions culminating in an ordinance formalizing the budget that goes into effect January 1, 2023 (calendar below).

The budget process – called Budgeting for Outcomes – actually began with Council adoption of the 2022 Strategic Plan.  The budget process requires all budget items be aligned with the city’s Strategic Plan.  City sta...

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2022 City-Referred Election Items

The Fort Collins City Council has formally referred three measures to the November 8, 2022 coordinated election ballot.  These proposals would require a modification to our City Charter, which necessitates a public vote, and include Ranked Choice Voting, Coordinated City Elections and Council Compensation.  Though the Chamber has not yet taken a formal position on any of the ballot measures as of this date, it is important to become familiar with the intent and content of these important issue...

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City Budget Process

The City of Fort Collins is returning to a two-year budget cycle now that the extraordinary circumstances caused by the pandemic have abated.  Staff is in process of developing budget recommendations for 2023 and 2024 that will be presented to Council this fall.  Citizen input on priorities is being solicited through an online survey and a citizen engagement process that uses community guides trained by the Colorado State University Center for Public Deliberation to lead citizen small-group bu...

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Minimum Wage Discussion Continues (July 2022)

At its July 12 Work Session, the Fort Collins City Council continued its discussion of establishing a local minimum wage in excess of the statewide minimum of $12.56.  This is permitted under legislation that was signed into law in 2019. The bill limits to 10% the number of local governments able to do so without further amendment of state statute. That provision essentially sets up a race, of sorts, for local governments to get something on the books before the window closes.

But do we real...

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