City of Fort Collins Economic Advisory Commission

For the past several years, policies and decision-making processes at the City have been presumed to consider the "triple-bottom-line" benefit to social, environmental and economic objectives. Through its Boards and Commissions, City Council is able to collect feedback from engaged citizens. However, the roster of Boards and Commissions is heavily weighted by citizens representing social and environmental objectives, including its Economic Advisory Commission. As a result, policy development and...

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Regulation/Business Sustainability

The layering of regulation impact on business, Our Climate Future (CAP/ Energy Plan/RTZW), Development Review, Zoning-Land Use Codes

Reminding council that the manufacturing and building costs added by government regulation get marked-up and passed directly on to the consumer increasing the area cost of living - death by a thousand cuts. Contact your representative today. (

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Size of Government

The Chamber advocates for lean, efficient and highly-accountable government at all levels.


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A highly functional and well-maintained multi-modal transportation network relies upon the coordination of local, regional, state and federal investment.

The Fix North I-25 Business Alliance represents the business perspective on issues impacting the mobility of the North I-25 corridor between Highway 14 and Highway 66. Click Here for more (

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Clean, abundant water supply is crucial to our local economy, while maintaining affordable access to that supply (water taps, usage fees) benefits the entire community....

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Land Use Code Revisions

The Chamber has formed a task group to identify, evaluate and form recommendations to minimize financial and functional impediments to new and redevelopment of property....

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Mulberry Annexation

Preservation of land available to industrial, agricultural and heavy commercial uses are crucial to a resilient local economy.

The Chamber’s Local Legislative Affairs Committee (LLAC) has created an East Mulberry Task Group to inform and engage businesses within the East Mulberry enclave area and advocate for plans and policy that support existing and future business. Click Here for the East Mulberry Corridor Plan

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