A “Note” Worthy Announcement from Piano & Guitar Institute

Jun 5, 2020 | Member News

Piano & Guitar Institute recognizes Ms. Jacobs as an “Instructor of the Month” teaching piano and guitar lessons to students of all ages and levels. Growing up in Casper, WY, music was a part of her daily life early on. And, as a child, Ms. Jacobs decided she wanted to learn to play as many instruments as she could. Over the years, she learned to play piano, guitar, cello, acoustic and electric bass, viola, harp, organ, ukulele, and even bagpipes! She still wants to learn oboe and violin someday.

After recently completing an AA degree in Piano Performance, she then earned a BS degree in Psychology from the University of Wyoming. Ms. Jacobs is currently a Music Therapy Graduate Equivalency student at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO while instructing students at Piano & Guitar Institute.

She hopes to one day combine her passion for music with her interests in psychology and neuroscience as a music therapist. With her varied background, she is able to add special insight into music and the mind. Convenient and safe online lessons are now available. Visit Piano & Guitar Institute on the web @ http://pianoinstitutellc.com/index.php/home.html