A New Light in Fort Collins – Brightscape Investments

May 7, 2019 | Member News

Brightscape Investments was founded by Eric Weiss, a Certified Financial Planner™ professional, who saw clients’ best interests not being served while working at a large financial institution.  This experience motivated Eric to start a company that put the client’s interest first.  Eric has worked hard to change the financial conversation from selling products for commission to working one on one with clients to fit their investments to achieve their life goals. The sense of community and beautiful mountains brought Brightscape Investments to Fort Collins in 2018.

Taxes play an important role in personal finance so Brightscape works closely with the client to find tax-efficient investing strategies, limiting taxes during distribution, and gifting strategies.

Brightscape Investments knows that each client is unique, and all have different financial concerns, the company’s number one focus is creating and maintaining a unique financial plan that fits the particular needs of each client.

All too often, people are sold complex and costly solutions to achieve the transfer of assets to beneficiaries without probate when the same can be accomplished by simply titling accounts correctly. Brightscape takes pride in finding clients this simple solution in their own portoflio.

Diversification increases the chance of investment success. Brightscape uses alternative assets to help diversify portfolios to achieve optimum risk and reward levels of each individual client.

Retirement benefits has become a needed option for employees, Brightscape helps companies select, implement, and manage their own employee retirement plan based on their unique situation.

Brightscape Investments is a company committed to growing clients’ knowledge and removing the financially harmful emotions of fear and greed from decision making.  As Eric always says “clients’ interests are best served through objective recommendations presented in the most transparent way.”

If you would like more information about this topic, please call Eric Weiss at (786) 547-4966, or email [email protected].