A Joy on the Journey of Dementia

Aug 15, 2022 | Member News

Northern Colorado community members, including law enforcement, nonprofit partners, and senior care professionals recently gathered at Right At Home in Fort Collins to enjoy Angry Hippie tacos, casual conversation, and laughter with the experts living with dementia and their care partners. National dementia advocates and Dementia Together friends, Mark and Brenda Roberts, along with their dementia service dog, Sophie the Wonder Dog, returned from Michigan and shared how their lives have progressed since they were last here in 2019 for the Dementia Together community educational symposium. Several attendees also spoke about the positive impact that the Dementia Together memory cafes, support groups, and ongoing “Contented Dementia” education have made in their lives. This gathering confirmed once again, that in Northern Colorado, no one has to walk the dementia journey alone and indeed, living with purpose, well-being, and joy is entirely possible even when dementia becomes part of the life journey.