7 Words of Love

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7 Words for Love: A performance puzzle
February 17th & 25th 7:00 pm Masonic Temple | Fort Collins- 220 Oak St. Fort Collins, CO Tickets: www.luneaseas.org/7wordsforlove
Experience ballet, dance, experimental film, and sound in this interactive historic tour. Help the Fate’s find all pieces to the human and discover all the ways to love.

Making human’s isn’t as easy as it appears. When 3 fates attempt to build a human, they discover creating a whole heart is more complicated than it seems. Help the fates find the pieces to make the heart whole, so they can cut the rope of life once and for all. Discover all ways a heart can love, while being guided through the historical and majestic corridors of Masonic Temple in Fort Collins.
Join LuneAseas and collaborators in an adventure of 7 new performance experiences as we bring movement, light, technology, and sound to life in the beautiful historic temple.
Experience the grace and athleticism of Front Range Contemporary Ballet. Be immersed with experimental technology installation from Signal Culture’s Debra and Jason Bernagozzi. Feel the vibrations of a live sound bath from Spiritual AF (February 25th). Interact with movement and witness new LuneAseas movement creations, while being surrounded by live and newly created music from Peaches Embry, Cheyenne Dane, and more.
Expect to discover hidden treasures and performances as you are guided through the historic Masonic Temple.
The performance puzzle will be held Friday February 17th ,7pm and Saturday February 25th, 7pm at the Fort Collins’s Masonic Temple, 225 W Oak St, Fort Collins, CO 80521. Sponsor and Partnerships opportunities available at www.luneaseas.org/partners-impact Tickets start at $25-40. Limited tickets are available at www.luneaseas.org/7wordsforlove for this immersive experience. This event is sponsored by Fort Fund and curated by artists from ArtWorks Loveland.