4 Great Small Business Resources

Nov 15, 2011 | Chamber News

At the Chamber we field many questions every day from the public, visitors and businesses on a variety of topics.

For small companies in the greater Fort Collins region, the Chamber can be a great resource.

First, check out the “Small Business Resources” page on the Chamber’s Web site. You’ll find a “Fort Collins Business Resource Guide,” information about starting a business, access to the City’s Development Review Center, tax information and more.

Second, ask for guidance from the Chamber’s Member Engagement Coordinator, Annie Keith ([email protected]). She’s a great guide to people and resources who can help.

Third, join a Leads Group. As the name implies, these groups are about generating business leads. (In fact, one member recently reported that he gets $2.23 of business for every dollar he spends at the Chamber, including Leads Groups).  But Leads Groups also end up being a great source of information about how to manage your business successfully.

Fourth, read the “YOUR BUSINESS” feature in the Chamber SmartBrief electronic newsletter that you receive from the Chamber on Tuesdays. Members share great advice that you can often put to use right away.

Running a small company means wearing lots of hats. Use your Chamber membership to help you get information and resources you need.