2023 Legislative Session Review

The First Regular Session of the 74th General Assembly adjourned on May 8, 2023. In total, 617 bills were introduced and considered during the session.

This session was strongly influenced by historic Democratic majorities in both chambers, a record number of new legislators, and ambitious policy agendas. Major issues considered by the Legislature included fiscal policy, healthcare, energy and environment, housing, gun violence, tax policy, reproductive rights, and education.

While it’s hard to think about the legislative session in the middle of the summer, it is the perfect time to look back while planning for the 2024 session.

Our partners at the Colorado Competitive Council have recapped the session and outcomes for the business community.  We invite you to review this document and reach out to me if you have thoughts or reactions!

Link:  https://denchamber.my.salesforce.com/sfc/p/#5f000004aIsA/a/5f0000029WCl/2siN2nPbpCMHXFtyAmv0UE0tGMysfbkbtjsktUWk8O

Ann Hutchison, President & CEO

August 1, 2023
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