10 Things To Look For When Hiring a Professional Cleaning Company

Aug 30, 2018 | Member News

Do They Have a Quality Assurance Program?
To maintain a high level of quality services, all professional cleaning companies should have an official QA program. This program specifically outlines the definition of quality assurance, who is responsible for QA measures, and how the desired level of quality is achieved. All organization personnel will be aware of quality assurance program initiatives and ensure each initiative is met daily.

Do They Have a Good Reputation in the Community?
A cleaning company’s reputation in the community is very important. One good place to start research in your area is the local chamber of commerce. Call and ask if they know a good cleaning company that is well represented and established in the community. You can also gauge the reputation of a cleaning company through their online reviews. Take a look at Facebook, Yelp and Google reviews as they give you great insight into the quality of services provided by the company.

Are They Properly Insured?
You want to make sure your cleaning company is adequately insured in the event of an incident. Be sure company employees are also covered under policies, not just the company and owner. Certificates of liability come directly from your cleaning company’s insurance agency. If you have any doubts on who is covered by the policy, please be sure you contact the insurance agency to verify the company has the proper coverage(s).

Are Employees Covered Under Workers Compensation
You want to verify company employees are legitimately employees and not illegal independent contractors. It is very important to know the difference between an employee and an independent contractor when hiring a cleaning company and the risk associated with the different classifications. Always be sure you ask your prospective cleaning company how they classify their cleaning associates.

Does The Company Offer Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Options?
Harsh chemicals not only have negative effects on the environment, but they can also cause reactions to those sensitive to chemicals or with allergies. Your cleaning company should at minimum give you the option to use environmentally friendly cleaning products in your space, or use them exclusively.

Customer Service Systems
How is your prospective cleaning company’s customer service department structured? Do they utilize call center services? Do you have the direct business line? Do you have the personal number of the owner of the company? You want to make sure the prospective cleaning company has a system in place that allows them to provide excellent customer service. Your questions/concerns should be addressed same day if possible, but at least within 24 hours by a company representative.

How Is The Company Structured?
The structure of an organization can reveal a lot about how they operate. Is the company locally owned and operated? Are they tied to a larger corporation? Maybe they are a franchise? Visiting the prospective company’s website should tell you a lot about the organization, including how they are structured.

How Are Cleaning Crews Scheduled?
Consistency is key here! Choose a cleaning company that has low staff turnover and sends the same crew to each property, every time. Some companies rotate staff on jobs which increases the probability they may miss certain areas if they are not familiar with your property and its unique cleaning needs.

What Is Their Pre-Employment Screening Process?
It is important that your prospective cleaning company run background checks on every employee. You are trusting this company with thousands of dollars worth of company property. Be proactive in protecting assets by asking this simple question before signing a contract.

How Are They Different?
Always ask the prospective cleaning company how they are different, or how they differentiate themselves from other cleaning companies in the area. This can reveal unique systems/programs that add to the credibility of the company and results in fewer headaches for you later on.
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