Who is Moving to Colorado?

Census data released last month gives some interesting insights about where Americans are moving. Last year, states welcomed 8.9 million new residents. 7.1 million Americans moved from one state to another and the other 1.8 million were people moving from abroad.

Governing magazine compiled data from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey. You can find an article about their findings here along with a great tool to look at moving data for each state.

The findings are fascinating. First, only 2.3 percent of Americans moved across state lines though 9 percent relocated within the same county and another 3.2 percent moved to another county in the same state.

The 10 fastest-growing states in terms of registering the most new residents, both from other states and abroad, as a share of the current total population:

  1. North Dakota: 6.0%
  2. Wyoming: 5.8%
  3. Hawaii: 5.5%
  4. Alaska: 5.3%
  5. Nevada: 5.1%
  6. Colorado: 4.7%
  7. New Hampshire:  4.3%
  8. Vermont: 4.3%
  9. Delaware: 4.2%
  10. Arizona: 4.2%

Of course, in actual numbers, California, Florida, and Texas had the most residents.

Here are mover demographic stats for Colorado:

  • Ranking: total movers share of population                          6 of 50
  • Total movers share of population                                          4.7%
  • Total out-of-state movers                                                        240,666
  • Total moved from a different state                                         205,060
  • Total moved from abroad                                                        35,606
  • At least some college or associate degree                         76.2%
  • Median age of movers from different state                           27.70
  • % of movers under 18                                                             19.8%
  • % of movers age 65+                                                               4.3%