Where People Are Moving

“Growth” is a pejorative term to some people; to others it is sweet music. Either way, population growth is interesting. A great story on NewGeography.com is worth taking a peek at. It analyzes domestic migration in the 51 largest metro areas in the U.S. over the past decade and the past year. The biggest net gainers 2000-2009 are Phoenix, Riverside-San Bernardino, Atlanta, Dallas-Fort Worth and Las Vegas.

More recently, as the recession eases, this has changed somewhat. The top 7 in net population growth from in-migration in 2010-11 are:

#1 Dallas-Fort Worth

#2 Miami-Fort Lauderdale

#3 Austin

#4 Tampa-St Pete

#5 Houston

#6 Washington DC

#7 Denver

The biggest net population losers in 2010-11 are

#51 New York-Northern NJ -99,975

#50 Chicago

#49 Los Angeles-Long Beach

#48 Detroit

#47 Philadelphia

#46 Cleveland

#45 St. Louis

You can find the story here.