The Seasonal Buzz

Christmas is two days away and the seasonal buzz is at a fevered pitch. Just yesterday I had breakfast in downtown Fort Collins with a friend at the Silver Grill. When we left at 9:00 customers were lined up waiting for a table. Over the noon hour I was back in Old Town and parking places were hard to find. On Saturday the College and Harmony corridors had lots of traffic and the stores my wife and I went into were busy.

Of course, busy-ness doesn’t automatically translate into good business, but it all looked promising. There was a general sense of prosperity and contentment.

The slow economic recovery from the deepest recession since the Great Depression is picking up steam. If there is a silver lining to hard economic times it is a sharper appreciation when things are going well. The spring is more glorious after a long and bitterly cold winter, right?

Hopefully that is the case for you, your business and your family, that things are looking up. At the Chamber we appreciate you being part of our community and our business community.

Here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas!