Reform Will Move Ahead, With or Without “Obamacare”

Whether the Affordable Care Act of 2010 (aka “Obamacare”) stands or is declared unconstitutional in part or in whole, the healthcare sector will continue to undergo significant changes in the years ahead. That’s a key message shared during the Chamber’s Health Care in Your Future Summit yesterday at the Embassy Suites.

In the audience were 270 healthcare professionals and businesspeople who heard keynote speaker Rulon Stacey of University of Colorado Health (formerly Poudre Valley Health System), CSU Regional Economist Martin Shields and several panels discuss the rapidly changing healthcare landscape.

The timing of the summit was excellent. Last week was the 2nd anniversary of the Affordable Care Act of 2010. While it got little attention from the administration itself due to its unpopularity in an election year, it was all over the news and the blogosphere. Also last week the Congressional Budget Office issued a report that says the 10-year cost of the new law will be $1.76 trillion, not $938 billion as reported when the bill was signed. And, as the event was going on, the United States Supreme Court was in a remarkable third day of testimony regarding the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act.

Additionally, closer to home, the Colorado Legislature is debating HB 1281 regarding Medicaid payment reform, health care exchange legislation passed last year in Colorado is being worked with implementation scheduled for 2014, Poudre Valley Health System and University of Colorado Hospital recently announced a new relationship, and Banner Health System and Kaiser Permanente of Colorado announced a new partnership with Kaiser is opening offices in Northern Colorado.

A big thank you to the 46 event sponsors with special thanks to Partner Sponsors Poudre Valley Health System, Colorado Choice Health Plans, Kaiser Permanente, Columbine Health Systems andNorthernColoradoRehabilitationHospital/ Northern Colorado Long-Term Acute Hospital.

You can find the story in the Coloradoan here and more information on the event website here.