Quasi-Private Sector vs Government Health Care


Government has a pretty big headlock on our country’s medical and health care system. The sector is regulated differently in all 50 states plus via the incorrectly named “Affordable Care Act” aka ‘Obamacare’ plus through Medicare and Medicaid among other laws and programs.

I mention this to make the point that America has a quasi-private health care sector and to refute claims about the failure of private health care. It’s akin for criticizing a swimmer for losing a race after handing her a couple of cement blocks!

This quasi-private vs government health care debate is about to come into sharp focus. In November Colorado voters will be voting on Amendment 69. If it passes, Colorado would be the first state to take over management of the health care system. I wrote about this last fall, mentioning that the state budget would double in size.

What would happen to your health care? Proponents of Amendment 69 see nirvana – lower costs, better quality, and better universal access. Opponent tell a much different story – skyrocketing taxing, diminished quality of care and long wait times.

As a Chamber we on record in opposition to single-payer government health care. We will look at this issue again now that a specific measure is on the ballot.

In the meantime, you should consider attending the Chamber’s Health Care in Your Future Summit next week where this topic will be discussed. Go to fortcollinschamber.com to register.