Envision: Young Professionals

Envision: Young Professionals provides a casual atmosphere and interesting topics that relate to pertinent issues in the local community for the young professional.

Proudly Sponsored by Banner Health, Blue Federal Credit Union, Elevations Credit Union and Kaiser Permanente 

Envision: Young Professionals is a comfortable and friendly place for people ages 21-40 working professionally in the Fort Collins and Northern Colorado area. The mix of networking allows up-and-coming leaders the opportunity to make new contacts, to develop friendships, to increase their knowledge and to build connections within their community. Envision hosts Meet the CEO events once per month. Watch the Chamber Event calendar for details and to register. These evening events feature a guest speaker, time to eat, drink and as always, network. Join us on Facebook to stay current with all Envision news!

Thank You to our Sponsors who make this program possible:

Banner Health, Blue Federal Credit Union, Elevations Credit Union and Kaiser Permanente 

Envision FAQ

What does an Envision: Young Professionals event look like? 
Envision: Young Professionals brings young professionals from across Northern Colorado together to connect to their communities and to each other.  Each young professional’s event is a twist on the typical networking event, providing insight on the latest issues, as well as opportunities for social and community connections.

Why are these events important to my career?

Envision: Young Professionals not only provides a forum for networking and making business connections, but it also connects you with influential and successful speakers who can talk directly about the hottest topics that may affect you, your career, and your future.

What’s in it for me?

Envision: Young Professionals is an inexpensive and friendly way to make connections, friends, do business in our community and expand your knowledge and experience. You will be connected with topics that are presented by the speakers that matter the most to you and your generation while networking, having fun and contributing to our community. You have nothing to lose by attending an Envision: Young Professionals event.

Do I have to be a member of the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce to come to these events?

The Chamber is an extremely valuable and credible partner for your career and business.  While Chamber membership is not a requirement for participation in Envision: Young Professionals, as you progress in your career, membership is important to your success.

For more information regarding Envision: Young Professionals, please contact Ann Hutchison at [email protected] or call (970) 482-3746.