Ramplify.Biz of Fort Collins Sponsors Hudson Hornet Mobility Project


Vienna, Virginia (August 25, 2015). Driving Aids Development Corporation (DADC), the Northern Virginia-based hand control manufacturer, is pleased to announce that Rampfliy.Biz is sponsoring the Hudson Hornet Mobility Project. DADC is restoring and adapting with hand controls a 1952 Hudson Hornet convertible and inviting people living with disabilities to drive it through a series of “arrive and drive” events. Ramplify.Biz’s sustainable marketing ideas and products are helping spread the word and fund the Project.
Ramplify.Biz, Colorado’s green promotion headquarters, delivers full in house art design and the largest selection of eco-friendly promotional products available. From high-end gifts, campus-wear, and employee uniforms to holiday gifts, tradeshow premiums, and school fundraisers, they help their customers make the right impression. All at highly competitive prices and the lowest minimums to reduce waste and cost.
“What does it say to the customer when a business gives away a sustainable promotion,” said Mr. Richard Perry, Owner, “It says that a business is in it for the long run, looking to the future and planning to be part of the future, for them, and for their clients. It shows them that you are serious about sustaining a relationship with them, as well as with our planet.”
From the simplest pen, cup or key chain, to the most complex brochure, t-shirt or tote bag, Ramplify.Biz makes use of industry leading technology and resources, such as wind-powered printers, Forest Sustainability Council paper and printers, and compostable plastics.
“We are all about helping a business grow,” continued Mr. Perry, “Give a person a pen, and the customer remembers the business. Give them a recycled pen, and they remember the business and that you care about the future. That is a concept every person today recognizes and values. That is a product that will help a business, large or small, grow.”
The savings DADC receives from using Ramplify.Biz’s products and services, as well as the funds made on the sale or raffle of specially designed Project premiums, will go toward restoring the Hudson and getting it on the road to events. Plus, everyone who participates will be named in the Project’s unique Hudson “trunk museum” on display at all events.
For disabled citizens, and wounded warriors, driving the Hudson Hornet will offer an unforgettable experience, one that educates and entertains. All behind the wheel of an American racing classic most people only get to look at, much less drive.
For more information on the Hudson Hornet Mobility Project, please contact DADC or visit http://www.drivingaids.com/hudson_project.php.
About Driving Aids Development Corporation (DADC):
Family owned and operated, Driving Aids Development Corporation (DADC) helps people with disabilities make the move to independence with safe, reliable, and attractive hand controls. For more information, contact DADC at (888) 762-1046 or www.DrivingAids.com.
About Ramplify.Biz
Ramplify.Biz delivers the largest selection of eco-friendly promotions, printing and apparel. They are supporting the Hudson with their expert, sustainable services. For more information, contact Ramplify.Biz at (970) 227-5449 or www.Ramplify.Biz

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