Jewelry Shop with Big Heart Brings Small Joys to Fort Collins

Crystal Joys, with locations serving the communities of Loveland and Longmont, will soon be expanding to Fort Collins.

LONGMONT, Colo. – Aug. 23, 2016 – Alongside the gems, precious stones and jewelry, Crystal Joys brings with it a plethora of opportunities for those in need. The work with Sample Supports, providing work skills to those with intellectual and developmental disabilities, is vital to helping adults feel independent and valued within their community.

More than just jewelry, Crystal Joys has something for everyone. Geodes and fossil kits for inquisitive children, collections of stones, and gems and crystals for rockhounds. Beautiful home decor, like clocks and coasters, made from precious stones. Bath salts and candles, for relaxation and holistic purposes. Even tarot decks and other aids for those of a spiritual inclination.

Sample Supports Marketing Specialist, Lizzy Wolff, enthused. “We’re opening our store in FoCo because we have a lot to offer there! With a ton of young, creative people, FoCo is a perfect new home for us. We love the community in Fort Collins because it has a deep appreciation for all things handmade. Our clients at Sample Supports make our pieces by hand with intention and pride. The result that we see is beautiful! Our clients find meaningful work that they enjoy, and the jewelry is spectacular. We are eager to share that with FoCo.”

Under the guidance of job coaches, their clients will have opportunities to develop customer-service skills by having valuable interactions with the community around them at the expanded retail space in Fort Collins. The Loveland location will now be used predominantly as a workspace, so that the Sample Supports clients will have more room to develop their hand-crafted jewelry and home decor.

Engagement with the community has always been a big focus with Sample Supports, bringing their clients and their jewels to Farmer’s Markets and festivals as often as possible. The move to Fort Collins will only enhance those opportunities. Wolff was very committed to the approach. “We intend to treat FoCo like home. We want to participate in local festivals and events just like we do in Longmont. When people find out what our shop is really about they want to be a part of it, and we’re excited to get them invested in our mission.”

That mission, to provide work experience that builds self esteem and job skills, while also helping their clients earn a competitive wage, is a winning formula, worthy of investment. Crystal Joys and Sample Supports strongly believe that no client is too difficult to be employed and brought to engage with the community.

Visit Crystal Joys at their new home in September, at 630 S College Ave in Fort Collins, or at their website ( For more information from Sample Supports, if you know someone who would benefit as a client, contact them online (

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