Much to be Thankful For

With 50 degree weather forecast for the next week, it’s almost hard to believe that it’s Thanksgiving. But, this being Colorado, we’ll take it!

Thankfulness is something I try to practice every day, but it’s top of mind for most of us this time of year. With even just a little reflection, we realize how much is going right in our lives.

Here’s a short, short version of my ‘thankful’ list:

  • Top of the list, my family, followed by my good health.
  • America. People have never lived with more freedom, general prosperity and opportunity than Americans.
  • The men and women of the National Guard, the sheriff’s deputies, police officers, firefighters, search and rescue teams and others on the front lines during the fires of 2012 and the flood of 2013.
  • Free enterprise. The genius of free market economies is a marvel. Individuals acting in their own self-interests helping each other because it’s in their mutual self-interest. People railing against free enterprise don’t appreciate the nuances and underlying dynamics. Free enterprise deserves full credit for dramatically improving the human condition.
  • Businesspeople in Northern Colorado. It’s our pleasure at the Chamber to work closely with professionals and businesspeople every single day. We see them give as much to the community as they receive. Just look at the “Thumbs Up” section on the editorial page of the Saturday Coloradoan. Usually, at least half of the ‘thanks’ are being directed at businesses for something good they’ve done.
  • Chamber volunteers and members. Akin to the item above is this one. We get to work around the best and brightest people in our community every day. I shouldn’t start naming names because I can’t possibly acknowledge everybody who deserves it, but one example would be the people who have led the Chamber in 2013 and our highly successful Moving Fort Collins Forward! campaign. John Carroll, Ed Carroll Motors, Yvonne Myers of Columbine Health Systems and Chris Richmond of Flood & Peterson exemplify selfless and outstanding leadership.
  • The Chamber staff. I’ve led chambers of commerce for over 30 years. This is the strongest group I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Every person is professional and competent, every one of them is a fine individual. I’m thankful to know them all.

 Last but not least, I’m thankful for you and your decision to be part of our business community and the Chamber. Have a great Thanksgiving!