Wellness Specialist - 4Ever Young

Customer Service

  • Maintain high standards of customer service at all times; set an example for the team and go above and beyond to deliver a great experience to every patient.
  • Be passionate about wellness and the ability of every patient to change his or her life – be a good listener, an effective cheerleader/coach, and an empathetic supporter of every patient’s wellness journey.

Patient Education

  • Meet with all patients interested in HRT/TRT and wellness services. Follow 4Ever Young procedures for Wellness Consultations and Follow-ups with all patients. Educate patients about the benefits of anti-aging and wellness services.
  • Maintain a high level of expertise in all 4Ever Young wellness services, and a personal commitment to fitness and wellness. Serve as a brand and lifestyle ambassador.
  • Lead regular team trainings for the non-medical staff in your center, answering their questions about wellness products and services and helping ensure everyone is up to date on protocols and policies at all times.
  • Abide by all medical compliance and 4Ever Young brand guidelines related to HRT services. Never diagnose patients, give medical advice or suggestions, or interfere with the medical team’s practice of medicine.
  • Offer explanation of HRT process to patients if medical staff are not available for a demo. Do not draw product or inject yourself or a patient at any time.
  • Protect patient privacy; follow HIPAA and medical compliance guidelines as appropriate to your role. This includes handling of patient forms and medical records as well as using your judgment to offer patients private space for questions if needed.


  • Meet weekly and monthly wellness sales goals. Serve as primary sales driver for IVs, vitamins, and HRT/TRT. Support cross-selling efforts in aesthetics.
  • Maintain relationships with patients who are on HRT/TRT services; answer questions, proactively remind them about refilling their prescriptions and keeping labs up to date every 90 days. Engage them on a personal level to help build patient program retention.
  • Follow up on incoming HRT/TRT and wellness leads, and reach weekly and monthly targets for new consults and new memberships.

Daily Operations

  • Keep conference room up to 4Ever Young brand standards at all times, including cleanliness, scent, lighting, music, and stocking of products and marketing materials.
  • Maintain accurate and complete patient records in the EMR system at all times by documenting all consultations and phone conversations with patients, including any important details. Work closely with the medical staff to keep all patient care team members updated on patients at all
  • Problem-solve and proactively find solutions to issues that arise, always working to prioritize
    safety, compliance, patient experience, sales, and profitability.

Additional Duties

  • Perform other duties as requested. Be a strong team player with a positive attitude, and do
    what needs to be done without being asked.