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The Farmers Insurance district office of northern Colorado is looking to add new Farmers Insurance storefronts in Fort Collins, Timnath, and Johnstown Colorado to accommodate growth in the area. This is an opportunity to build, own, and operate an insurance agency.  If you have always dreamed of owning and operating your own business, this is the opportunity for you!

Farmers Insurance recently developed a new program for executive, entrepreneurial business professionals that allows qualified applicants the opportunity to build and operate their own Farmers Insurance storefront. This program is a 3 year program with massive incentives offered for rapid growth. Work for yourself as an independent contractor with the help and support of a 90 year old, fortune 500 company that offers not only insurance, but financial products as well! Farmers’ Retail Program is the most aggressive program ever offered by the company and offers the best contract in the industry!


  • The below agent would receive $219,600 in non-repayable Retail bonuses for achieving a total of $60,000 in applicable net NB commissions during the first year!

Total First Year Bonus and Net NB Commissions Paid:

  • Q1: $15,000 + 300% or $45,000 + $900 = $60,900
  • Q2: $15,000 + 300% or $45,000 + $900 = $60,900
  • Q3: $15,000 + 300% or $45,000 + $900 = $60,900
  • Q4: $15,000 + 300% or $45,000 + $900 = $60,900
  • $60,000 + $180,000 + $3,600 + 60% or $36,000 = $279,600!!


The Retail program is designed to attract capitalized entrepreneurs seeking a start-up opportunity that offers financial support to help the agency owner build their business.

The Process:

Capital Requirement:


  • Eligible Liquid Assets (100% considered towards requirement)
    • Checking, Savings, and Money Market
    • Certificates of Deposit
    • Marketable Securities
    • Non-Qualified Annuities
    • Life Insurance Cash Value
    • Liquid Trusts
    • Roth 401(k) Principle
    • Roth IRA Principle
    • Other Liquid Assets
  • Eligible Retirement Accounts (50% considered towards requirement)
    • 401Ks
    • IRAs
    • Qualified Retirement Programs
    • Qualified Annuities
    • Qualified Funds
    • Other Retirement Accounts
  • Lines of Credit (100% considered towards requirement)

Background Check:

  • Satisfactory results of background check
    • No felonies
    • No bankruptcies (will be eligible 12 months after filing date)
    • Outstanding leans, judgements, charge off accounts, collection accounts, and past due accounts credit issues must amount to $1,000 or less cumulatively

Licensing and Training Requirements:

  1. Property, Casualty, Life, and Health licenses prior to agent appointment
  2. Training program through the University of Farmers®
  3. Free enrollment through Exam FX to the Property, Casualty, Life, & Health licensing classes (for approved candidates)

Branded Office Location Requirements:

  1. Signed office lease/location at time of full-time appointment
  2. Fully equipped and compliant office with Farmers® brand standards (within four months of full-time appointment)

Agency Staff Requirements:

  • Minimum of one licensed (and appointed) agency staff member at full-time appointment

The Benefits

Economic Interest

  • Contract Value according to the terms of the appointment agreement
  • Access to group health, dental, and vision plans

Sale of Service and Commission Rights

  • Opportunity to sell service and commission rights

Agency Start-Up Bonus

  • $10,000 bonus for establishment of branded office location within a specified time period after appointment

Monthly Marketing Bonus

  • $300 per month if bonus qualification goals are met

Monthly Bonus Based on Net NB Commissions

  1. Bonus opportunity based on applicable monthly new business Agent Eligible Premium for up to three years
  2. Bonuses based on Life and Commercial commissions subject to specified maximum amounts

Annual Bonus Based on Net NB Commissions

  1. Bonus opportunity based on applicable 12-month net new business commissions and applicable production for up to three years
  2. Bonuses based on Life and Commercial commissions subject to specified maximum amounts

Bonus Based on Reserve or Associate Program Net NB Commissions

  1. One-time bonus based on net new business commissions while on the Reserve Agent Program or Associate Agent program
  2. Bonuses paid subject to specified maximum amounts

For consideration of an interview, please submit a resume through ZipRecruiter and a district representative will contact you as soon as possible.

Phone: (970) 401-8144
Email: [email protected]

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