Science Faculty - Ridgeview Classical Schools

Ridgeview Classical Schools is seeking interested and qualified candidates for faculty positions in the Science Department. The science curriculum at Ridgeview emphasizes a philosophical understanding of scientific thinking in addition to practical knowledge and experimentation. Students are also expected to develop an understanding of proper laboratory practices, standard research methodologies, and writing in the sciences.

Ridgeview is committed to a true liberal arts curriculum, meaning that arts and humanities are emphasized as much as mathematics and science; classroom discussions are therefore typically Socratic in style and cross-disciplinary in nature. Science is considered part of the core graduation requirements, and high school students are required to take at least four years of science classes (typically Biology, Earth Science, Chemistry, and Physics). Not all teachers are expected to teach all course levels. Rather, Ridgeview is seeking applicants who are passionate about their discipline, and are creative, teachable, and excited to work with a broad range of pupils.

Ridgeview neither requires nor prefers candidates with a teacher certification and would rather solicit applications from individuals who have demonstrated academic mastery in a scientific field. Teaching experience is preferred but is not essential. Ideal candidates will be familiar with the fundamentals of classical education and defenders of the Western tradition. Interested individuals should submit a complete application to the Executive Assistant. A complete application includes:

  • Résumé or CV.
  • Completed Ridgeview Application Form (linked on the top of this page).
  • Letter of interest.
  • Copies of transcripts.
  • A one- to three-page written response to Matthew B. Crawford’s Science Education and Liberal Education (please contact the Executive Assistant for a pdf).

Upon submitting a complete application, candidates may be contacted for an interview with the Headmaster. Successful candidates will then be asked to conduct a mock teach and interview with a hiring committee. After this, final hiring decisions are made.

Phone: (970) 494-4620
Email: [email protected]