Registered Occupational Therapist Needed for Adult Low Visual Rehabilitation - Ensight Skills Center

Ensight Skills Center for Visual Rehabilitation, a Colorado non-profit organization, is seeking a part time OT interested in helping people with vision loss maintain independence. We will provide paid training and shadowing experience prior to start date. Take the skills you already possess and apply them to individuals struggling with vision loss.  Candidate must  have dedication and experience working with people with low vision, be self motivated, have own transportation and ability to travel in Colorado, have proficiency with Microsoft Word and Excel and possess solid organizational and writing skills.  OT will co-evaluate clients at our On-site clinic in the Lowry area in Aurora with our low vision optometrist.  Evaluations are performed at the office on the first Monday of the month, and then will be followed in the client’s home or workplace, as needed.


Phone: (970) 407-9999
Email: [email protected]