Project Manager (Residential Construction) - Spanjer Homes

Our small, well-established custom home building company seeks a full-time project manager to continue servicing our clients and deepening our relationships with trade partners.

The right candidate is a top construction professional who is eager to contribute to a team, uphold company standards, and deliver the high-level customer service that we are known for throughout the industry. Additionally, this person is someone who cares deeply about our customers, our reputation, our culture, and the future of the company. In return for his or her efforts, this person will become part of the family and will be treated right.

You are right for this job if you are:

  • Process-oriented, deadline-driven, detail-obsessed and meticulously organized
  • A good anticipator with a sense of urgency; proactive, motivated and self-starting
  • Capable of prioritizing concurrent tasks—including concurrent projects in different stages of completion—without compromising the quality of work or project deadlines
  • Proficient at verbal and written communication
  • Comfortable with technology (but not afraid to pick up the phone)
  • Committed to resolving difficult situations while nurturing relationships
  • Mindful of the many factors that contribute to a positive customer experience
  • Capable of building strong and mutually beneficial subcontractor/supplier partnerships
  • Someone who loves to solve problems, think critically, learn continuously and teach others
  • Guided by ethics, integrity and a desire to treat all with respect

Your contributions to the team will include:

  • Compiling scopes of work with an understanding of the interdependencies and requirements of home systems
  • Proactively requesting subcontract bids and compiling cost information in a timely manner
  • Preparing contract documents (such as specifications, job cost break down), assisting in client proposal presentation, and compiling comprehensive start package for field personnel
  • Ensuring internal and external contractual performance is being met
  • Preparing internal and external reports pertaining to job status including daily notes, weekly progress reports and onsite client meetings as needed.
  • Working closely with selections coordinator and director of construction to ensure projects stay on schedule
  • Effectively communicating and transferring information between office, field and homeowner in an ever-changing environment
  • Assisting in monthly billing process
  • Tracking changes to—and flexing within—each project’s scope, budget and schedule
  • Learning, following and improving company processes

Required Experience

  • Must have minimum 2 years residential construction experience, preferably in high end custom homes
  • Preferred college degree in construction management or architecture
  • Ability to read blueprints and construction drawings
  • Must be knowledgeable about the trades, vendors and equipment needed to complete the job, plus the ability to identify potential opportunities for improvement
  • Experience with doing and verifying take offs and unit cost-based purchasing
  • Must be proficient in Microsoft Office products, comfortable using technology and managing digital records
  • Must be able to climb stairs, lift 25 pounds, and be able to move safely over uneven terrain.
  • Positive, ‘can do’ attitude

Application process

When responding to this posting, please include:

  • Resume
  • Either former employer or subcontractors you have worked with for more than a year
  • An example of a project you have managed which demonstrates the level and quality of construction.
  • Email to both: [email protected] and [email protected]

More about us. We believe the commitment to building a home runs much deeper than choosing materials and having the know how to put them together. We strive to respect client’s financial investment, remove their fears and empower them to choose their level of involvement. We believe in building the right way, leading with technology and pursuing continual growth. We thrive on mutual trust and respect. Like everything we do, our relationship with subcontractors, business associates, industry colleagues and clients are built to last. With these values as our foundation, we have been building one-of-a-kind custom homes for 40 years and have more exciting projects in the pipeline. We are based in Fort Collins, Colorado and work within 15 miles of our office.

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