Math Teacher - Ridgeview Classical Schools

Ridgeview’s instruction in mathematics begins with a hybridized Singapore-Saxon math program in the elementary school that emphasizes a conceptual approach and cumulative retention. All pupils are given placement tests and are ability-grouped according to the highest level of mathematics in which they can reasonably be successful. A mainstay of the instruction of mathematics at all levels is a conceptual understanding of the math being undertaken; consequently, a Socratic discussion in the classroom supports this process and ensures that pupils can demonstrate the knowledge they claim to possess.

Ridgeview is committed to a true liberal arts curriculum, meaning that arts and humanities are emphasized as much as mathematics and science. Consequently, many of the conversations that ensue in the classrooms are of a cross-disciplinary nature. Beyond the Singapore curriculum, Ridgeview offers courses from pre-algebra through number theory, advanced geometry, statistics, and independent studies in linear algebra and differential equations. Not all teachers are expected to teach all course levels. Rather, Ridgeview is seeking applicants who are passionate about their discipline, creative, teachable, and excited to work with a broad range of pupils.

Ridgeview neither requires nor prefers candidates with a teacher certification and would rather solicit applications from individuals who have demonstrated academic mastery in the mathematics. Teaching experience is preferred but is not essential. Written and oral communication skills, punctuality, a strong work ethic, and collegiality are essential. A complete application packet includes a Ridgeview Application Form, a resume or CV, a one-page letter of interest, a one-page letter detailing your philosophy of education, reference letters, and copies of transcripts. These materials may be submitted via email to the Executive Assistant.

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