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The Local Coordinator (LC) is considered a part time, contractor position in which a 1099 is issued for tax purposes at the end of the calendar year.

Poudre Unified School District has 8 students that need to be placed. Their capacity is 20 students. I am not sure yet how many students Poudre will get total.

The LC’s salient responsibilities are the recruitment of host families, supervising students, and completing the monthly supervision report. There are other duties that may need to happen such as counseling and meeting with families and students. These additional duties are unpredictable. LCs are required to see their students in person once every other month.  

LCs are typically volunteer minded, have raised or worked with teens, have hosted before, are levelheaded, have a positive attitude, and are predominantly people with an inclination to nurture and care for children.

LC’s may be currently employed, retired, empty nesters, or stay at home parents, as long as they can fit the Educatius program around their lives. There is no set time to get the work done. LC’s make their own schedule.

Educatius also offers incentive trips for LC’s who meet placement goals. Our next trip is planned for Portugal in November, 2023.

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Jennifer Coers
Regional Manager
Educatius Group

Mobile/WhatsApp: +15203109091

Phone: (520) 310-9091
Email: [email protected]
Webste: https://www.educatius.org/

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