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One Agency, One Mission, Public Safety


Deputies with at least 3 years of experience as a Jail Deputy or a Corrections Deputy apply here. The Larimer County Sheriff’s Office has opportunities for experiences in a different type of jail setting where everyone works together for staff and inmates’ safety.


This is a lateral selection process, and if hired will be placed at the top of the seniority list based on years of service. Jail Deputies are able to enjoy a life-work balance with schedules that allow for three or more consecutive days off.  Retirement benefits include 401a, 457 Plan, and Social Security.


We encourage cultural diversity and inclusion throughout Larimer County which benefits our community and enables us to serve everyone throughout the county.

If you are past military and are GI Bill eligible, if hired you may qualify to be reimbursed through your GI Bill during the training period for this job.


Our jail is not your typical jail. It is clean, professional and the layout is an open concept (see LCSO Jail Deputy video below). Working in this setting, our deputies are trained to uphold a high standard on how they interact with the inmates and each other. While on your shift, you will be supported by multiple levels of staff.


Larimer County is currently working on expanding the jail over the next five years. The plans for the expansion and improvements will allow employees to enjoy natural light, an enjoyable and relaxing break area, state-of-the-art equipment, and all the tools necessary to do their jobs safely. Jail Deputies have access to mentors, endless training, special assignments, promotional opportunities, and a wonderful group of team members to help support you in this environment.






The following statements are illustrative of the duties and responsibilities of the job. The organization retains the right to modify or change the duties and responsibilities of the job at any time.

  • Exercises direct supervision over inmates. Plans and supervises inmate unit activities.
  • Effectively communicates to provide information, directions, mediations, and de-escalate situations and resolve conflicts.
  • Classifies, assesses, and responds to inmates. Processes and releases inmates; takes photographs and obtains a serviceable set of fingerprint impressions.
  • Manages the inmate population by walking around the housing units and talking to inmates.
  • Sets clear expectations, serves as a role model, uses positive reinforcement techniques, respect, and consideration when working with inmates; assures inmates accountable for their behavior.
  • Performs searches to include people, mail items, and/or objects capable of concealing contraband, buildings, vehicles, and large outdoor areas. Inspects unclothed inmates; may be exposed to body fluids and wastes, and diseased persons.
  • Restrains inmates; subdues resisting inmates using approved techniques of arrest control, defensive tactics, and weapons; resorts to the use of hands, feet and other approved weapons in defense of self or others.
  • Physically breaks up fights and altercations between inmates.
  • Pursues fleeing inmates.
  • Performs crisis intervention activities to include inmate counseling, suicide prevention, recognizing and addressing abnormal behavior.
  • Performs rescue functions to include, administering emergency medical aid, lifting, dragging, and carrying people away from dangerous situations, securing and evacuating people from areas, and extinguishing fires.
  • Conducts visual and audio surveillance for extended periods of time.
  • Engages in law enforcement patrol functions that include walking on foot patrol and physically checking the doors and windows of buildings to ensure they are secure.
  • Initiates and responds to radio communications.
  • Testifies and attends court and speaks formally as necessary.
  • Reads, comprehends, and processes legal and non-legal documents.
  • Prepares investigative and other reports, sketches, and drawings, using appropriate grammar, symbols, and mathematical computations.
  • Processes, files, labels, alphabetizes reports as appropriate.
  • Enters and searches data into computer systems or databases.
  • Utilizes protective equipment including self-contained breathing apparatus and other air filtering devices. Gathers information and collects evidence; interviews and obtains statements from involved parties.
  • Prepares investigative and other reports, sketches, and drawings, using appropriate grammar, symbols, and mathematical computations; determines when probable cause exists; recommends inmate disciplinary action
  • When a local declaration of emergency or disaster is declared by the Board of Commissioners, all Larimer County employees may be required to work as a Disaster Service Worker.
  • Performs other duties as appropriate or necessary for the performance of the job.




  • At least 3 years of experience as a Jail Deputy or a Corrections Officer
  • High school diploma or GED required.
  • Must be at least 21 years of age by date of hire.
  • Current first aid and community CPR certificates required.
  • Possession of a valid Driver’s License required.
  • No criminal convictions as defined by Colorado P.O.S.T.

Phone: (970) 498-5125
Email: [email protected]
Webste: https://www.larimer.org/sheriff/recruiting