Health Technician - Ridgeview Classical Schools

Health care technicians who work directly with patients must have an excellent bedside manner and great communication skills, as well as medical knowledge, technical skill, and customer service skills. Training in CPR, First Aid, Medical Administration, and Glucagon are necessary and will be provided if needed. Health care technicians should be able to remain calm in emergency situations in order to best care for the patient. Office skills, such as word processing, data entry, database management and record keeping are also essential.

Duties include:
• Administering medication
• Triage
• First Aid
• Data Entry
• Customer service with students and parents, as well as school faculty and staff
• Recording and maintaining current student files
• Preparing medications for off-campus trips
• Vision and hearing
• Emergency care on occasion
• Working with a Nurse to maintain records as well as a clean, safe environment for students

Phone: (970) 494-4620
Email: [email protected]