Customer Service Sales Representative – Farmers Insurance - Farmers Insurance

An insurance customer service representative is responsible for providing information about an insurance company’s products to its clients.

He/she, who can also be called a customer care representative, would be in charge of offering necessary assistance and support to the clients.

Their job description covers responding to customer inquiries and resolving complaints or forwarding them to the appropriate department for solution.

This customer service representative has the role of attending to calls and correspondences, providing information with respect to insurance policies, and also communicating any changes in policy to existing and prospective clients.

He/she serves as a middleman between the insurance company and its customers; his/her job could be seen as that of an image maker as they occupy such an important position that their direct actions or inactions could lead to a loss of existing or potential customers to the company.

A customer care representative is meant to keep the customers informed and satisfied at all times.


  • Ensure that customers make buying decisions armed with the right amount of information.
  • Analyze customer’s complaints and recommend solutions.
  • Discuss with customers on telephone and provide information on the company’s products and services.
  • Record all conversations with clients with details of inquiries or complaints and action steps that were taken.
  • Understand the company’s insurance policies and products and be able to tell whether a policy covers a type of loss or not.
  • Call up customers who had previously called to complain to know if their challenges have been resolved and to ensure that they are now satisfied.
  • Take S.O.S calls from clients that have been involved in an accident, vehicle breakdown, or clients who need assistance with their vehicles and mobilizing help for such clients.
  • Communicate changes or adjustment in policies to clients.
  • Send newsletters, mails, and other forms of correspondences to customers.
  • Receive reports of claims and communicate reports of investigation to the clients.
  • Forward all filed claims to the appropriate department for handling and investigation.
  • Assist in soliciting sales of new products and policies.
  • Liaise with other departments and provide support to them.
  • Assist clients in filling of policy documents and contact them whenever any error is discovered, or when it needs to be corrected.
  • Offer information about price quotes to prospective customers.
  • Liaise with the companies insurance agents and process all orders made via telephone.
  • Receive visiting customers and provide them with necessary assistance.
  • Manage and protect the reputation of the company.
  • Maintain strong clientele relationship with customers.

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