Admissions Coordinator - Ridgeview Classical Schools

Ridgeview is seeking candidates for an Admissions Coordinator, which is an administrative position. Specifically, we are seeking candidates with previous experience as either admissions or enrollment coordinators within charter or private schools. Interested applicants will take the time to research Ridgeview’s mission and philosophy in order to understand whether this position would be a good fit. Candidates should have exemplary written and oral communication skills, exceptional organizational abilities, and be comfortable speaking to prospective parents individually and in large groups. The Admissions Coordinator will be the administrator most directly responsible for recruiting new enrollments, fostering strong retention, and managing the school’s lottery. Successful candidates will be adept at working with the faculty and collaborating with the other administrators in addition to taking a genuine interest in participating in the life of Ridgeview and its students.

Interested candidates should submit the following items to Mrs. Peyronnin at their earliest convenience: resume, employment application, letter of interest, two to three reference letters, copies of transcripts, and a letter detailing the candidate’s philosophy of education.

Phone: (970) 494-4620
Email: [email protected]